some oldest bars for new years eve

some oldest bars for new years eve


Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar

Where: French Quarter, New Orleans, U.S.A.
Founded: 1772
Age: 245 years



White Horse Tavern

Where: Newport, Rhode Island.
Founded: 1673
Age: 344 years




Where: Munich, Germany.
Founded: 1589
Age: 428 years



Herberg Vlissinghe

Where: Bruges, Belgium.
Founded: 1515
Age: 502 years



Al Brindisi

Where: Ferrara, Italy.
Founded: 1435
Age: 582 years


Zum Franziskaner

Where: Stockholm, Sweden.
Founded: 1421
Age: 596 years


Brauhaus Sion

Where: Cologne, Germany.
Founded: 1318
Age: 699 years



Ye Olde Man & Scythe

Where: Bolton, England.
Founded: 1251
Age: 766



The Bear Inn

Where: Oxford, England.
Founded: 1242
Age: 775 years


The Brazen Head

Where: Dublin, Ireland.
Founded: 1198
Age: 819 years



Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Where: Nottingham, England.
Founded: 1189
Age: 828 years


The Bingley Arms

Where: Leeds, England.
Founded: 953
Age: 1064 years



Sean’s Bar

Where: Athlone, Ireland.
Founded: 900
Age: 1117 years



St. Peter Stiftskeller

Where: Salzburg, Austria.
Founded: 803
Age: 1214 years















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